luni, 13 aprilie 2009

Test your Easter IQ

Try to find out the answers to this quiz:
  • What holiday is always celebrated the first Sunday following the full moon that appears near the Spring Equinox?
  • Germany originated the legend of what bunny?
  • The wooden eggs used at the White House Egg Roll are in honor of what day?
  • The metamorphosis of the butterfly represents eternal life and is seen with which holiday?
  • More than 1 billion eggs are hunted all over the United States on this holiday.
  • Which holiday is known as Ostern in German, Isuta in Japenese, and Eseta in Samoan?
  • Kids decorate hard boiled eggs in preparation for what holiday?
  • Stores sell jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow candy, and creme eggs for this holiday.
  • Eggs are hidden by the bunny over Saturday night so the kids can find them the next day which is this holiday.
  • Finnish people enjoy a dish called Mammi on this holiday.
  • It is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.
  • There used to be just marshmallow chicks, now we have eggs and rabbits for this holiday as well.
  • This holiday is named after the goddess, Eostre, who changed her beloved bird into a hare. The hare being a bird at heart still lay eggs in his nest.
  • The beautiful white lily is supposed to bloom around this holiday.
If you answered EASTER to all these, you are an Easter know-it-all!